Whynter 28 Bottle WC28S SNO Wine Cooler Review

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You can purchase small wine coolers, but then you might not have enough space for keeping all your wine cool. This can be a problem if you are a huge wine drinker. We have some good news for you. With this review, we will show you that there is a wine cooler that can hold up to 28 bottles of wine. Ideal for wine lovers. Also, due to the fact that its freestanding – you can easily use it as an undercounter wine fridge.

Description of the Whynter cooler

The Whynter 28 bottle wine cooler is a great and reliable wine cooler. You can choose between purchasing the cooler that holds 28 bottles or that will hold 16 bottles.

Made from high-quality materials and with the adjustable thermostat, this is one of the best and most recommended wine coolers available. It is a free-standing cooler that will ensure that your wine doesn’t vibrate that can cause your wine to lose its taste and value.


With the features of the Whynter 28 bottle wine cooler, you will see that it has some great features. Features that will make you want to purchase one right now. These are some of the features that this wine cooler has.

  • The cooler has a sleek platinum finish. It is gray in color
  • Double panel glass door for added protection and to make sure that the cold doesn’t escape.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat. This is to make cooling different wines easier. Different wines need to have different temperatures.
  • It can hold up to 28 bottles of standard wine. Or, you can purchase the cooler that has storage for 16 bottles if you want a smaller cooler.
  • The wine cooler provides vibration free cooling with a LED display to make seeing the temperature a lot easier.
  • The size of the cooler is 21 x 18.1 x 29 inches and weighs 48 pounds.
  • It looks like a platinum cooler, but it is in fact made from plastic with the platinum color finish

Pros and cons of the wine cooler

There are different pros and cons of purchasing the Whynter 28 bottle wine cooler. This is important to make sure that you know this info before you decide to purchase the wine cooler.

Pros and benefits of the wine cooler

  • You can adjust the setting of the cooler to your preferences
  • It is a large cooler that can hold up to 28 bottles
  • Come with security. It can lock and you are getting two keys as well
  • The cooler is running soft and smooth. No vibrations when cooling

Cons and problems with the wine cooler

  • You can’t fit larger size wine bottles in the cooler than the standard one
  • There are complaints about the material that the cooler is made from
  • The price is too expensive for some buyers


If you are looking for a wine cooler that can hold a large number of wine bottles, then you should consider the Whynter 28 bottle wine cooler. With features like an adjustable thermostat, blue LED screen and comes with lock and keys, this is a great cooler for every wine drinker. The wine cooler looks great, even if the basic material is plastic. It is durable, long lasting and a great size as a freestanding wine cooler.

You will not regret purchasing the Whynter 28 bottle wine cooler. It can hold up to 28 wine bottles. And, if you are looking for a smaller one, the Whynter cooler as a 16bottle option as well. This is a great cooler for any wine drinker. You can even adjust the temperature according to the type of wine you have. The wine cooler is really not a bad purchase if you are looking for something bigger than normal.

Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler, Platinum with Lock
  • Measures: 21" Long x 18.11" Wide x 29" High
  • Adjustable thermostat for storing different wine varietals (52F - 64F) - featuring Celsius and...
  • Enhanced Blue Light LCD temperature display feature for precise control
  • Metallic silver trimmed glass door with sleek all platinum cabinet
  • Solid state components for long life- the only moving parts are fans to circulate cool air within...