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Storage For Your Wine Collection

Best Wine Coolers

Introduction To Wine Cellars Sharing a glass of wine over dinner is now close to a universal language.  Snobby connoisseurs, collectors, and fun-loving wine drinkers alike all value optimal wine storage. Whatever the choice of variant is, white or red, the most elegant pinot noirs, chardonnays, Shirazes or any other imaginable type of wine requires …

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Best Built-In Wine Coolers

An Introduction To Under Counter Wine Fridges Anybody who knows the joy of sipping the most elegant pinot noirs, chardonnays, Shirazes, or any other wine-type out there, understands the immense value of optimal wine storage and for this, you should invest in a wine cooler. After all, wine is susceptible to the elements and must …

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Dual Zone Wine Coolers

A dual zone wine cooler is a great way to store different types of wines because you can keep the zones at different temperatures and humidity levels, creating the perfect storage place for each kind of wine you are keeping. They are a wine connoisseur’s favorite appliance because they are flexible and offer a wide …

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Single Zone Wine Coolers

A single zone wine cooler is a great way to store your wine. It offers one temperature and humidity control, which is great for starters or individuals who prefer only white wines or only red wines. What is a Wine Cooler? You may be asking yourself, why do I need a wine cooler if I …

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Preparing To Drink Your Wine

Best Wine Aerators, Pourers, and Decanters

As a wine enthusiast, you know the positive impact that proper aeration, pouring, and decanting can have on a bottle of wine. But maybe you’ve been hesitant to purchase a device to maximize these critical elements of the wine-tasting process. Such a notion is understandable—it’s tough to know which exact products bring the most out…

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Enjoying Your Wine

Champagne Glasses

Should You Purchase a Set of Champagne Glasses? The Champagne Experience Champagne is synonymous with celebrations and happiness. Whether its new years, a wedding, or some manner of career triumph, generally, you’re not popping bottles of wheat beer to mark the occasion. Of course, during these times, a memorable and sincere toast is the first…

White Wine Glasses

If you’re a connoisseur of wine, you’re probably aware of the fact that in addition to the plethora of different types of wine, there are also a surprising amount of wine glasses that exist. White wine glasses, for example, are one of those many different types. While it’s okay to consume white wine from any…

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine vs. White wine glasses: is the fuss really worth it? Tall flute, bowl-shaped glass, or even straight from the bottle – many people simply do not care about the presentation. Now some people may know that different types of wine glasses exist and maybe even a little further knowledge on how they are…

Stemless Wine Glasses

Wine connoisseurs agree that a wine glass isn’t just a wine container, but the ultimate vessel that communicates the wine’s fine odor and taste to a drinker’s mouth. When simple utility was achieved, designers worked hard on perfecting wine glass varieties to make them aesthetically pleasing – attractive and desirable. Whether you have a built-in…

crystal wine glasses

Crystal Wine Glasses

Top 10 Best Crystal Wine Glasses Although most guests tend to focus on the type of wine served at a party, there are still plenty who favor the importance of the vessel in which that same wine is served to them—and a great host will know just how to satisfy both types of guests. Determining…

Wine Glasses: The Ultimate Guide

Wine is so profoundly nuanced and contains such vast depth that the entire drinking and tasting experience can be impacted in a seemingly endless number of ways. Whether it’s a matter of storage temperatures (check out the best wine coolers), wine aerators, how it’s poured, or – most relevantly – the glass from which it’s…

Wine Facts & Interesting Articles

The Most Famous Wine Region in Spain

Wine regions across the world are divided into two groups, Old World and New World. Old World wine regions are those where wine originated. The group includes France, Italy and Spain among others. New World wine regions are mostly former colonies or where vineyards were introduced and did not originally exist. New World includes the…

What sort of Wine goes well with Sushi?

Pairing a wine and sushi is a tricky task. It can prove to be daunting if you don’t have any reference or guide. It is rather convenient to pick a fairly good wine to go with a beef steak or pork chops or lamb ribs. Sushi is of Japanese origin. Japanese beverages are mostly grain…

6 Things to Consider when Cooking with Wine

Cooking with wine and perfecting the recipes will take a while and lots of practice. Anyone can add a bit of wine in any recipe and hope for a miracle. Not many people can use wine effectively in different recipes wherein not only would the wine exude its flavors and impart its natural wonders but…

Should you store your wine or drink it right away?

There’s a theory that wine improves with age, and in general, this is true but does this apply to the wine most people buy from stores? Can the wine we buy be stored, or does it need to be consumed right away? We’re going to break down the reality of most store-bought wine, when storing…

Beginners Guide To Understanding Wine Temperatures

On the way to becoming a wine connoisseur, one must foray into the world of wine storage and serving. This means understanding both the optimal temperatures to store wine and the different temperatures they are best served at. Most wine coolers store wine between 53 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit with some having specific cooling zones…

Pairing Food with Wine

Wine and food have always been paired together for centuries. This tradition has stood the test of time as wine is known to enhance flavors and the overall dining experience. However, not all wines boost flavor, and it’s important to know which types of wine work best with certain dishes. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled…

Welcome to the ultimate wine coolers review and buyers guide. Thanks for stopping by! This site is dedicated to wine lovers looking for all the latest information on wine coolers or wine fridges. My grandfather was a teacher in his village and became very prominent in the area for teaching many families how to grow grapes, and ultimately make wine. It is from him that I developed a love for wine. In the village, all the wineries have their own underground caves which keep wine stored at optimal temperatures all year around. However, in modern cities and homes many of us do not have the luxury of this and so investing in a good wine fridge is the best way to go! Bundled in this guide are some top picks and you can easily click through for more detailed information about each product too. So without further ado, let's begin!

What type of wine cooler is right for you?

The first step is knowing which sort of cooler you are looking for. There are 3 main that categories wine fridges fall into:

  • Single Zone Coolers

    The most common type of wine coolers that you will find and also often the most affordable. They have one area (or zone) which means only 1 temperature to set. Highly recommended as a first cooler type or especially if you plan to keep only red wine or only white wine.

  • Dual Zone Coolers

    Slightly more advanced; dual-zone means you have at least two different areas to store wine thus you can keep reds and whites at different temperatures. Not a big price increase from a single-zone wine cooler.

  • Built-In Coolers

    The name says it all; this type of cooler is designed to be integrated into your kitchen, cabinets, or bar area. These come in both single and dual zone varieties but are better suited to your personal design choices.

Pro Tip

Being new in the wine cooler market I highly recommend looking at smaller single zone coolers. This will be the most friendly to a budget and allow you to discover the ins and outs of storing wine. Click here for our #1 first cooler choice review. Or check out on single zone vs dual zone coolers as well as this on different types of wine coolers.