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The Ultimate Wine Cooler Buying Guide

Welcome to the ultimate wine coolers review and buyers guide. Thanks for stopping by! This site is dedicated to wine lovers looking for all the latest information on wine coolers or wine fridges. My grandfather was a teacher in his village and became very prominent in the area for teaching many families how to grow grapes, and ultimately make wine. It is from him that I developed a love for wine. In the village, all the wineries have their own underground caves which keep wine stored at optimal temperatures all year around. However, in modern cities and homes many of us do not have the luxury of this and so investing in a good wine fridge is the best way to go! Bundled in this guide are some top picks and you can easily click through for more detailed information about each product too. So without further ado, let's begin!

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What type of wine cooler is right for you?

The first step is knowing which sort of cooler you are looking for. There are 3 main that categories wine fridges fall into:

  • Single Zone Coolers

    The most common type of wine coolers that you will find and also often the most affordable. They have one area (or zone) which means only 1 temperature to set. Highly recommended as a first cooler type or especially if you plan to keep only red wine or only white wine.

  • Dual Zone Coolers

    Slightly more advanced; dual-zone means you have at least two different areas to store wine thus you can keep reds and whites at different temperatures. Not a big price increase from a single-zone wine cooler.

  • Built-In Coolers

    The name says it all; this type of cooler is designed to be integrated into your kitchen, cabinets, or bar area. These come in both single and dual zone varieties but are better suited to your personal design choices.

Pro Tip

Being new in the wine cooler market I highly recommend looking at smaller single zone coolers. This will be the most friendly to a budget and allow you to discover the ins and outs of storing wine. Click here for our #1 first cooler choice review. Or check out on single zone vs dual zone coolers as well as this on different types of wine coolers.

Top Reviews & Recommendations

Now you have an idea about which type of wine cooler might be best qualified for your needs. Read onwards to see the top picks. The coolers have been grouped by type and then size. You can use the links below for quick navigation:

Single Zone Wine Coolers | Dual Zone Wine Coolers | Built-in Wine Coolers | XLarge 100 Bottle+

Single Zone Wine Coolers

This Magic Chef MCWC6B 6 Bottle single zone cooler is a great first-time buyer choice. Its designed to be on your countertop, hold either 6 reds, whites or rosés.

  • Compact and VERY quiet
  • Perfect for apartments with less space
  • Great starter cooler

The Westinghouse WWT080MB Thermal Electric 8 Bottle Wine Cellar is another great single zone option. With a slightly larger capacity of 8 bottles. It is ultra-quiet and has a temperature range from 46F to 66F. The frosted glass adds a nice design touch too! 

  • Ultra Quiet
  • Great for Reds OR Whites
  • Elegant design style
  • Also available in 6, 10, 12 bottle sizes

Avanti EWC1021: The best 12-bottle single zone wine cooler. Features a unique layout with 8 bottles stored horizontally and a further 4 bottles vertically for an interesting look. The easy to use digital display makes monitoring and adjusting temperatures a breeze.

  • Automatic defrost
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No vibrations
  • Stylish curved glass design

Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler/Chiller model shows features a stainless steel door and wooden shelves, but also available in solid black with a door lock usually at a slightly lower price. The touch panel is really easy to use.

  • Comfortably hold 18 bottles of your favorite!
  • Very stable temperature
  • No vibrations
  • Super quiet!

The Whynter Thermoelectric 20 bottle wine cooler is in a class of its' own. A simple and elegant design and extremely easy to use control panel. Suitable for all types of wine; red, white, rose, even desert wine!

  • Large capacity for 20 bottles
  • Black tinted glass
  • Features soft interior LED lighting
  • Unique slide-out drawers

NewAir AW-280E 28 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler; last in our list of single zones but certainly not least. Perfect for the avid wine collector but still compact enough to fit in plain sight. Ideal for reds or whites. 

  • Features adjustable shelves
  • Vibration free to protect sediment
  • Ultra-quiet operation

The Best Of Dual Zone Wine Coolers

more reviews and recommendations coming soon...

Stay Tuned!