Best Built-In Wine Coolers

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An Introduction To Under Counter Wine Fridges

Anybody who knows the joy of sipping the most elegant pinot noirs, chardonnays, Shirazes, or any other wine-type out there, understands the immense value of optimal wine storage and for this, you should invest in a wine cooler.

After all, wine is susceptible to the elements and must be protected at all cost. When keeping wine bottles in the wrong conditions, wine drinkers lose out on experiencing a wealth of richness and nuance in flavors and aromas.

For instance, storing wine at any temperature exceeding 70ºF ages bottles aggressively – generally resulting in an “overcooked” wine with flat aromas and flavors.

Though, overheating isn’t the only temperature-based snafu that gives wine collectors headaches. Wines can’t be too cold, because the decreased levels of moisture dry out the cork over time. As such, a standard refrigerator won’t work as a wine storage space for an extended period, since it commonly dips below 45ºF. When the cork dries out, air might seep into the bottle and detract from the quality of the wine.

Most wines should be stored anywhere that’s between 45ºF and 65ºF. With 55ºF being the happy medium.

To be honest, we’re only scratching the surface of bottle storage, but temperature control alone is enough reason to purchase a wine-specific fridge or cooler.

With a full-blown cellar not always being a practical option, wine connoisseurs need other spaces that’ll reliably store their bottles. There’s no point in spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on a collection if each bottle isn’t brimming with deeply complex tastes and smells.

Built-in wine fridges and coolers are a fitting solution to any collection in need of a reliable storage location. They generally install quite easily and can fit into various spaces without being a cumbersome addition to the home. Beyond that, most wine fridges are designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, commonly making these appliances a welcome addition to any home’s décor.

Still, it’s not enough to take a trip to the local used appliance store to find a somewhat suitable fridge or cooler. Every collector should take pains to find their ideal unit.

And while wine fridges are a good investment into the long-term value of a collection, they’re by no means a frugal endeavor. Consumers need to find the wine fridge that’s optimized to fit their living space, home décor, and budget. 

Below, we’ve put together a list – in no specific order – of the top, best built-in wine coolers and under-counter wine fridges in 2020. Hopefully, this will help anybody reading our blog reach a purchasing decision on their perfect wine cooler unit. 

Kalamera 24-Inch 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding Wine Fridge

The Kalamera 24-inch 46-bottle capacity wine fridge is one of the best of its kind on the market.

Seasoned collectors will enjoy this fridge’s various nuances, as its fit for a plethora of wines. Conversely, beginners might be in over their heads.

For one thing, a 46-bottle collection is a sizeable number that might take considerable time to accumulate. Think about it, many wine-lovers drink their bottles before their collection can grow too large.

Of course, there are always select wines meant to be aged or saved for a special occasion. Still, it can take quite a while to accumulate enough bottles to necessitate this kind of investment.

What makes the Kalamera 46-bottle fridge even more appeasing to wine aficionados is that it’s dual zoned. So, owners of this model can store two completely different kinds of wines at contrasting temperatures, depending on the section in which they are placed.

This feature is an equal opportunity wine drinker’s dream—because it’s perfect for storing reds and whites at the same time.


  • Elegantly designed
  • Can fit up to 66 bottles
  • Dual-zoned
  • 30-inch measurement offers plenty of space
  • Comes with a built-in alarm
  • One-touch controls


  • Not ideal for casual drinkers with small collections
  • Unable to fit thicker bottles
  • Is quite noisy
Kalamera 24'' Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door and Temperature Memory Function
  • LARGE STORAGE MINI BAR For CAN & WINE: This beer fridge just under 23”X24” of floor space, you...
  • SLEEK DESIGN: This small fridge with Seamless Stainless Steel and transparent glass front with white...
  • REMOVABLE WIRE & WOODEN RACKS: Four wire racks with one roller wooden shelf remove easily to quickly...
  • ADVANCED COMPRESSOR COOLING SYSTEM: Whisper-quiet compressor maintains even cool temperature longer,...
  • TEMPERATURE MEMORY FUNCTION: Restore the set temperature in the can cooler after it is back on from...

Ivation 8-Bottle Wine Cooler/Chiller

Here’s our first strict “cooler,” on the list. As nobody would mistake this 8-bottle storage device for a fridge—maybe as a mini-fridge, though.

Casual wine enthusiasts who prefer having only a few bottles on hand will enjoy this model for its smaller, unobtrusive size. It’s also a good option for connoisseurs with developed collections, looking to reserve a few preferred bottles in an easier-to-access cooler.

This unit is rather sleek and compact, at 19.7” in height. The Ivation 8-bottle cooler operates optimally in a room that’s around 72ºF in temperature.

The control panel is digital and – most importantly – beyond simple to operate. There’s an illuminating LCD display along with gentle interior lighting that can be switched on or off at the owner’s discretion. Then, the dual-pane, smoked glass door acts as an impenetrable forcefield against light exposure. Meaning, with this cooler, the sun and other light-sources can’t sully a single splendid bottle.

Cleaning this Ivation cooler is stress-free because its chrome shelving slides out—providing direct access for scrubbing and dusting. The slide-out shelves also streamline the rearranging of any contents inside the cooler.

Given its smaller stature, the Ivation 8-bottle cooler can fit into – and enhance the appearance of – a variety of areas throughout a home. It’d make a pleasant, convenient addition under any counter in a dining area, home bar, living room, or kitchen. 

This specific model is relatively inexpensive. As a result, the temperature only ranges from 46ºF to 64ºF, somewhat limiting the kinds of wines that the cooler can store.


  • Extremely quiet and doesn’t vibrate too much
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight, compact and can fit in a variety of areas
  • Tempered smoke glass doors that prevent light damage


  • Smaller temperature range limits the wines it can store
  • Tight storage space
Ivation 8 Bottle Red And White Wine Thermoelectric Wine Cooler/Chiller Counter Top Wine Cellar with Digital Temperature Display, Freestanding Refrigerator Smoked Glass Door Quiet Operation Fridge
  • WINE COOLER (Wine Cellar / Wine Chiller) A MUST HAVE: The only way to protect the quality and taste...
  • PERFECT Stable TEMPERATURE: The Ivation cooler enables you to store your wines short & long term in...
  • HUMIDITY, MINIMAL LIGHT: Insulated with Solid polyurethane heavy foam (CFC-free) & Closed with...
  • NO VIBRATION & SUPER QUIET: Specially built with an Energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system...

Super Deal 12-Bottle Wine Cooler Chiller

Here’s another option for wine enthusiasts looking for a fantastic under counter wine cooler that can fit within the confines of a reasonable budget.

It’s worth noting that Super Deal’s lone offering to our list is preferable to those who enjoy wines served at a higher temperature. The temperature of this unit only ranges between 50°F and 64°F. Though, given the price of this model, this limitation is perfectly reasonable. It’s entirely up to the task for people who enjoy warmer wines.

The Super Deal 12-bottle wine cooler’s double-paned glass and anti-UV protection layers are conducive to the robust health of red and other dark wines. With that kind of protection against light, there’ll be nothing that can detract from the intoxicating aromas and flavors of each bottle within.

This cooler’s digital temperature control is found at the top of the unit.

Finally, this Super Deal cooler’s slide-out chrome shelves make for a seamless rearrangement and cleaning process.

Keep in mind that since this model is a more budget-friendly option, it lacks in versatility. As such, unlike several of our other suggestions, this Super Deal unit only has a single temperature zone.


  • Quiet operation
  • Double-pane glass and UV protection prevents light effectively
  • Highly affordable
  • LCD screen


  • Limited temperature range
  • Lacks some premium features
SUPER DEAL 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Chiller with Digital Control, Freestanding Refrigerator with Glass Door, Quiet Operation (Improved Version 12 Bottles)
  • If you enjoy wine, you may have considered buying a wine cooler at some point, because it is the The...
  • Boasting a sleek appearance with an elegant, reinforced glass door with air-tight seal, this...
  • The SUPER DEAL Wine Cooler features a convenient digital temperature control that allows you to...
  • In order to protect the special flavors in properly aged wines, we use double pane glass with...
  • Unit Dimensions: 9.9" x 19.7" x 25.0", Fits up to 12 Bottles. Our dual temperature wine cooler...

Edgestar 332-Bottle Wine Cellar

“332 bottles,” you ask?

Okay, maybe this Edgestar wine fridge is more akin to an entire cellar—but it’s just too impressive to leave off our list.

Now, this wine fridge won’t fit seamlessly wherever its owner attempts to put it. But its 332-bottle capacity and dual-zone capabilities make it ideal for any dedicated wine collector with a genuinely massive collection.

Best of all? With the dual-zone feature, collectors can store 166 bottles at one temperature and 166 other bottles at a different temperature.

The Edgestar’s tinted glass door has user-friendly digital controls as well as a formidable security lock. Mark our words, there’ll be no intruders tarnishing any cherished wine collection inside of this fridge.

Another incredibly convenient feature boasted by this massive wine fridge is its ability to defrost wines that have gotten too cold.


  • User-friendly digital controls
  • Robust wooden shelves
  • Defrosts bottles automatically when necessary
  • Fits up to 332 bottles
  • Comes with a carbon filter


  • Is extremely noisy
  • There’s limited space between shelves
  • Hard to fit into a kitchen
EdgeStar CWR362FD 24 Inch Wide 36 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler with Dual Cooling Zones
  • PLEASE NOTE: 36 bottle capacity is ONLY achieved if ALL stored bottles are standard sized 750ml...
  • Two temperature zones each with a range from 40 to 65 degrees F; Fan forced circulation; Compressor...
  • Built-in or freestanding installation; Front ventilation; French tempered glass door; Carbon filter...
  • 10 full depth, steel wire rack slide-out shelves with wooden fronts and two partial depth steel wire...
  • External Dimensions: 23-7/16" W x 33-7/8" H x 22-5/8"D; Weight: 110 lbs.

Kalamera 15-Inch 30-Bottle Under Counter or Freestanding Wine Fridge

We mentioned the Kalamera 15-inch’s bigger brother earlier, but 30 bottles should suffice for a vast array of wine collectors.

What’s more? This Kalamera model offers supreme versatility—it can be either a free-standing or built-in fridge. So, no matter the layout and design of a home, this wine fridge fits the bill.

The features don’t end there. Wine lovers will be thrilled with the Kalamera 15-inch’s temperature memory function. This state-of-the-art technology means the fridge can recall just how cool it was the last time it was on. As such, homeowners won’t have to worry about readjusting the fridge’s cooling system in the case of a power outage.

Some fridges aren’t as efficient because they allow cold air to escape their confines.

Not this Kalamera model. It has one premium feature that has it standing out from the pack: a double-layered tempered glass door. Such a crucial addition is a significant plus for anyone deciding to purchase this fantastic product.

The thickness of the glass helps collectors get the most out of internal cold air, preventing it from escaping the fridge.

Plus, these ultra-thick doors are crack-and-fog-resistant.

The Kalamera 15-inch model does only offer single zone storage, though. Unfortunately, purchasing this product will limit wine enthusiasts to only cooling one type of wine.

However, the Kalamera 15-inch model does a fantastic job of maximizing the flavors and aromas of that one kind of wine. Therefore, it’s a good trade-off.


  • Seamless installation
  • Fits 30 bottles (useful for most wine drinkers)
  • Recalls the exact temperature before it was shut off
  • One-touch controls
  • Versatile (can be free-standing or built-in)


  • Shelves are extremely tight
  • Can only store one kind of wine

Kalamera 30-Inch 66-Bottle Wine Fridge

We’re now completing the Kalamera trifecta on our list with the largest fridge out of the three. At 30-inches, this unit also can store 66 bottles.

With this tremendous increase in size comes an upgrade in functions and capabilities. The 30-inch Kalamera variant is a dual-zone fridge with two side-by-side sections (as opposed to being split into upper and lower sections). Thereby, owners of this model can store 33 bottles of their favorite red wines on the left side and 33 bottles of their preferred white wines on the right.

Now, the overall functionality is integral in deciphering the top wine fridges on the market. But impressively sleek designs should be celebrated when they add style and panache to one’s home décor.

The Kalamera 30-inch model is expertly crafted to resemble the windows in a French villa. So, this will add a touch of old-world sophistication and nuance to any wine collector’s living space. 

Wine collectors will also appreciate the user-friendly nature of the one-touch controls, a trait shared by all Kalamera variants. On top of that, the built-in alarm ensures no unwanted hands will interfere with the cooling process of a finely cultivated collection.


  • One-touch controls
  • Comes with a built-in alarm
  • 30-inch measurement provides plenty of space
  • Fits 66 bottles
  • Dual zones


  • Can’t fit fatter bottles
  • Is extremely noisy
Kalamera 30'' Wine Cooler 66 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding with Stainless Steel and Glass French-Door Style
  • ★STORES 66 WINE BOTTLES: Holds your collection of up to 66 bottles of your favorite wine in...
  • ★USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL: Provides options for internal lighting, Fahrenheit temperature reading,...
  • ★FRENCH-DOOR STYLE: Stainless steel and glass doors open in the center to reveal each wine zone...
  • ★DUAL ZONE THERMOSTAT: Keep wine perfectly chilled, according to wine variety and optimal...

Edgestar 30-Bottle Undercounter or Freestanding Wine Cooler

Sure, compared to 66 or 332 bottles, fitting 30 bottles doesn’t seem that impressive. But we promise that the Edgestar 30-bottle option is a premier built-in fridge for collections that are growing slowly and surely.

Also, if collectors live in a smaller home, this unit’s compact size fits well into most spaces. Not only can the Edgestar 30-bottle model fit under the counter with the utmost ease, but it can also stand on its own in other locations.

This specific wine fridge has one enticing feature that makes it stand out—black dotted door tinting that shields bottles from the light. In fact, the Edgestar 30-bottle variant has an internally controlled LED light source.

A setback of most of the wine fridges discussed in our list is their propensity to produce noise at a disruptive level. Nothing can be further from the case the Edgestar 30-bottle wine fridge. This unit’s rubber bushing absorbs all the sounds and vibrations. Such a savvy attribute makes this model one of the quietest products of its kind on the market. 

Then, the coup de grace is the shelf bottle arrangement feature, which allows collectors to fit as many bottles as the casing can handle.


  • Pleasantly quiet
  • 30-inch measurement provides plenty of space
  • The shelf bottle arrangement offers versatile storage
  • Tinted glass


  • Unable to store fatter bottles (e.g., Champagne)
  • Tends to vibrate intensely
EdgeStar CWR302SZ 15 Inch Wide 25 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler
  • PLEASE NOTE: 25 bottle capacity is ONLY achieved when ALL stored bottles are standard sized 750ml...
  • Temperature Range: 40-65� F; Digital temperature control w/ blue LED display; Single zone cooling;...
  • Internal fan to evenly circulate air; Auto defrost; Built-in carbon filter; Dimensions 32" H x 15" W...
  • Black dotted door tinting; Blue interior LED lighting; Reversible double-paned tempered glass door
  • Undercounter or freestanding application; Rubber bushing absorbs vibration and noise from compressor

Ivation 12-Bottle Wine Cooler/Chiller

Here’s our second Ivation offering on this list. It comes with a little added size and, thus, an increase in storage space.

Ivation deserves two spots on this list because the brand continually gains traction with an influx of positive reviews.

The length of this device is 25-inches, but it’s slightly-under 30 lbs. Such a light weight makes it a very mobile option in case installing under the counter isn’t an option. This model operates at its best when the room temperature is about 72ºF.

With a dual-paned, smoked glass door, light exposure damaging bottles won’t be a concern. Plus, the internal temperature and humidity are regulated with a tight seal.  Then, an LCD display and digital control panel highlight how Ivation embraces high-end technology to enhance its products.

Furthermore, soft interior lights that turn on and off give a wine collector’s favorite bottles the desired glow they deserve.

Not only will this cooler make a sterling, built-in feature beneath a kitchen counter—but it’ll be a welcome addition to a home bar or entertainment area.


  • Minimal noise and vibration
  • Highly reputable brand
  • Slide-out chrome shelving makes cleaning easy
  • Tempered smoked glass door


  • Must be in a room with a specific temperature to function properly
Ivation 12 Bottle Red And White Wine Thermoelectric Wine Cooler/Chiller Counter Top Wine Cellar with Digital Temperature Display, Freestanding Refrigerator Smoked Glass Door Quiet Operation Fridge
  • WINE COOLER (Wine Cellar / Wine Chiller) A MUST HAVE: The only way to protect the quality and taste...
  • PERFECT Stable TEMPERATURE: The Ivation cooler enables you to store your wines short & long term in...
  • HUMIDITY, MINIMAL LIGHT: Insulated with Solid polyurethane heavy foam (CFC-free) & Closed with...
  • NO VIBRATION & SUPER QUIET: Specially built with an Energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system...

Newair 29-Bottle Wine Fridge

Is 29 the magic number? According to this Newair unit, it very well could be.

What’ll tickle the fancy of wine collectors who prioritize aesthetics is the intricately crafted design of this product. In fact, we’re willing to bet that consumers won’t find a more eye-catching wine fridge/cooler anywhere on the market.

With blue LED lights on the inside blending harmoniously with a silver metallic exterior, this Newair model makes for a strikingly beautiful addition to any home.

Though, this 29-bottle Newair unit would likely stand out like a sore thumb in older, heritage homes. The color scheme and design complement a modern or contemporary kitchen.

This Newair’s capacity of 29 bottles provides a wealth of storage space for small but growing collections. Even with the “smaller” space, the fridge is still a dual-zone type and can optimize temperatures for two different types of wines at once.

Given its 15-inch width, this wine fridge fits comfortably under any counters and is a breeze when it comes to installation.

The cherry on top of the Newair 29-bottle wine fridge is its triple-layered glass door. Considering that double-layered glass is already quite effective, adding one more layer makes this model an air-tight protector against any light sources.


  • Eye-catching aesthetic
  • Dual zones
  • Versatile fitting and installation
  • Has doors with three layers of glass
  • 29-bottle capacity is perfect for small collections


  • Extremely noisy
  • A tight squeeze for bottle storage
NewAir 15" Built-in or Freestanding 29 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Fridge, Quiet Operation Wine Cooler with Beech Wood Shelves, Stainless Steel Wine Cellar for Red, White, and Sparkling Wine
  • COMPACT DESIGN - Our 15 Inch Wine Cooler is great for fitting into base cabinets or stand alone...
  • Dual TEMPERATURE ZONES - Allows you to set two different temperatures in either zone for both red...
  • DIGITAL TEMP CONTROL - Our Wine and Beverage Cooler comes with adjustable digital temperature...
  • TRIPLE INSULATED PANED GLASS DOOR - Keep your cool wine, beer, soda, and beverages cool in our mini...
  • QUIET COOLING COMPRESSOR - A Loud Fridge makes it very difficult for a user to put it anywhere...

Whynter 18-Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

With a 19-bottle capacity (after utilizing some creative storage tactics), this Whynter built-in variant is for wine enthusiasts who keep their collection lean.

Whatever this wine fridge lacks in size and capacity, it more than makes up for it with bottle security and preservation.

Wine collectors living in tropical regions – where the sun hits wine fridges frequently – will fall in love with the tempered gray-smoked glass. This is a compelling feature that saves bottles from UV rays, defending successfully against the solar heat.

The Whynter 18-bottle model also boasts a sturdy and reliable security lock. Plus, it comes with a key. This enticing addition is ideal for collectors who’ve consolidated their rarest, most expensive bottles into one smaller fridge.

Then, the digital control board lets wine collectors change temperatures with ease, once they’ve transitioned to a new kind of wine.


  • High-end security lock
  • UV-protective gray-smoked glass
  • Versatile fit due to compact size
  • Has a notably powerful compressor


  • Not budget-conscious
  • Extremely noisy
  • A tight storage space
Whynter WC-181DS 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Coolers, Black with Stainless Steel Trim
  • Measures: 20" Long x 14" Wide x 26" High
  • Total capacity: 18 wine bottles, Upper Zone Capacity: 9 bottles, Lower Zone Capacity: 9 bottles
  • Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling, dual zones for different wine varietals with adjustable...
  • Space saving design, 4 premium stainless steel trimmed scalloped shelves, 1 zone divider, recessed...
  • Internal fan-forced circulation for even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet

Edgestar 53-Bottle Wine Fridge

If an intermediate wine collector is cultivating a growing smorgasbord of exquisite bottles, they may outgrow the confines of their trusted smaller fridge.

Fortunately, the Edgestar 53-bottle wine fridge gives budding collections the space they need to flourish without taking up the square footage of an entire kitchen.

Note that this fridge is best reserved for premier wines.

Also, the Edgestar 53-bottle variant is straightforward to use, as it leverages eye-catching wood-trimmed wire shelves that slide out. From there, this model’s reversible double-paned glass door makes opening the fridge completely painless.

The reversibility offers flexibility so the door can nimbly slide as it opens and shuts. Owners of the Edgestar 53-bottle variant won’t break the door off its hinges while trying to thrust it open with all their might.

Blue LED lights provide a glowing spotlight for beautiful bottles. And a stainless-steel structure makes for a sleek, clean look – that couples nicely with an elegant black design.


  • 53-bottle capacity is perfect for growing collections
  • Sleek, sophisticated, and black design
  • Has a reversible and flexible door opens with ease
  • Sliding doors and shelves are also incredibly easy to use


  • Extremely noisy (due to its fan)
  • Drawers fail to pull out up to the wine label
EdgeStar CWR532SZ 24 Inch Wide 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler
  • PLEASE NOTE: 53 bottle capacity is ONLY achieved when ALL stored bottles are standard sized 750ml...
  • Undercounter or freestanding application; Single temperature zone; High/low temperature alarm; Door...
  • Blue interior LED lighting; Flat faced stainless steel handle; Internal fan to evenly circulate air
  • External Dimensions: 33 1/2" H x 23 1/2" W x 22 1/2" D; Weight 100 lbs.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is...

Helpful Wine Cooler/Fridge Information

Compressor Versus Thermoelectric

The primary differences between compressor units and thermoelectric units have to do with noise and temperature. Whereas thermoelectric fridges operate with much less noise, their compressor-based counterparts possess superior, more reliable temperature control.

When choosing between the two, it really comes down to personal preference. Someone with sensitive ears is likely willing to sacrifice the temperature if they must. Conversely, a wine collector with an insatiable desire to taste a bottle at its best will tough out the loudness of noisier operations.

Helpful Cleaning Tips

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown on how to clean a built-in wine cooler or fridge:

  1. Unplug the fridge/cooler and remove all the contents within.
  2. It’s then wise to vigorously scrub the insides of the fridge with a baking soda mix (2 tablespoons + baking soda and 4 cups of water)
  3. Apply a detergent solution to shelves and trays
  4. Apply the same solution to the exterior of the fridge and wipe down
  5. Take a dry cloth and pat down the wet parts until dry

Remember to avoid wetting electrical regions of the fridge. Neglecting to do so will lead to a malfunction or electrocution.

Can Red Wines and White Wines Co-Exist in the Same Built-In Cooler or Fridge?

Wine collectors who prefer whites will get the most optimal results from a fridge temperature between 46ºF and 55ºF. Whereas red wine enthusiasts require their fridge to operate at temperatures ranging from 58ºF to 68ºF.

So, the initial answer to the above question in the sub-heading is ‘no.’ Which sounds like a raw deal for drinkers of multiple wine-types.

However, as we pointed out in many of our suggested built-in coolers and fridges, purchasing a dual-zone fridge/cooler takes care of this problem.

Don’t Use a Wine Cooler or Fridge for Other Beverages

It’s totally plausible to chill other beverages in a wine fridge—but it seems like somewhat of a waste of valuable space.

 These are specialty storage devices with one purpose—enhancing the flavors of wine. Every square-inch not dedicated to a bottle seems to go directly against the entire purpose of having a wine cooler.

Plus, since a wine cooler’s temperature range only bottoms out at 46ºF, it limits the refrigeration capabilities of other beverages.


There’s no doubt that a built-in wine fridge or cooler can bolster the aromas and flavors of any collections.

And we may know our fair share about built-in wine coolers and fridges. But that doesn’t mean our list includes the unit of every wine collector’s dreams.

That’s why it’s crucial to do the necessary product research when looking for a built-in wine fridge/cooler. This way, wine collectors will find the product that best suits their living space, wine drinking proclivities, and budgetary specifications.

Remember, it’s 2019, and there’s a wealth of other reviews online that’ll give homeowners a diverse array of perspectives on these products.

4 Reasons to Get an Under Counter Wine Fridge

Installing a built-in wine cooler is a perfect upgrade to your kitchen! It’s the best way to safely store your wine, keep your wines at the ideal temperature, and add a sleek, modern look to your kitchen.

1. Maintain your Wine at the Perfect Temperature

A built-in wine cooler is the ideal way to maintain your wines at the perfect temperature. They are specially designed to allow you to set the exact temperature and humidity level so that you can be sure your wine is preserved as best as possible.

Red wines and white wines need to be stored at specific temperatures, so the perfect climate is important to maximizing your wine drinking experience. Unlike your fridge that is constantly being opened and closed causing the temperature and humidity to fluctuate, a built-in wine cooler locks in the climate to preserve your wines.

2. Safe Wine Storage

An under the counter wine cooler also serves as a safe place to store your wine collection. For the wine to maintain its flavor and aroma, it needs to be kept very still and on its side so that the sediment can settle. This also ensures that the wine cork is kept moist because if it dries up it can shrink and allow air into the bottle causing it to spoil.

In addition, a built-in wine cooler protects your wines from the products in your fridge that can contaminate and diminish the flavors of your wine. It gives you a secure location to preserve your wines free from impurities and harmful vibrations.

3. Convenient Organization

Besides the benefits of maintaining temperatures and safely storing your wines, and under counter wine fridge can be extremely convenient as far as organization and accessibility are concerned. A built-in wine cooler can help you organize your wine so that you can easily sort them by color and style, or even by brand, region, or varietal. There is no right or wrong way to do this – choose whichever works best for your collection!

Having a built-in wine cooler provides convenient access to your wine collection as well. You can easily reach over and grab the perfect bottle to sip on while you make dinner or choose the right bottle to offer to a guest.

4. Add a Sleek, Modern Design to your Kitchen

In addition to all of the other great benefits of a built-in wine cooler, having one also gives your kitchen a sleek, modern look. An under the counter wine fridge is both useful and aesthetically pleasing, giving your kitchen a personal touch based on the wines you choose to store.

By choosing a built-in wine cooler, you can match the design of your existing kitchen to form a seamless aesthetic. You can select a tinted glass door to match black or stainless-steel appliances, or you can opt for a classic wood-trimmed cooler if you are going for a more vintage look.

Similarly, since under the counter wine coolers have front-facing ventilation, they can be installed under nearly any counter space to fit almost any kitchen!

Best Built In Wine Cooler: Top 5 Live Update

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Tylza Mini Fridge 15 Inch Wine Cooler Under Counter, 30 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge with Stainless Steel, Wine Refrigerator Freestanding, and Built-in Wine Cellars TYWC100
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  • ????【Durable Cooler for 30 Bottles】This under counter wine cooler have 6 sturdy beech wooden...
  • ????【Energy Saving & Low Noise】The under counter wine refrigerator uses an advanced compressor...
  • ????【Easy to Use & Smart】Smart temperature memory function enables the refrigerator to restore...
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Takywep 30 Bottles Wine Fridge Under Counter, 15 Inch Wine Cooler with 40~60°F Digital Temperature Control, Safety Lock, All Wood Removable Shelves, Stainless Steel+Glass Door, Built-In Wine Cellars
  • 【Digital Temperature Control】Our wine refrigerator can adjust the storage temperature through...
  • 【30 Bottles Large Capacity】The 2.9 Cu.Ft wine cooler cabinet is equipped with 6 removable...
  • 【Air-Cooled Constant Temperature】 Our wine fridge uses an advanced compression cooling system...
  • 【Soft Blue LED】The equipped blue LED lighting is convenient for picking up wine at night, while...
  • 【Stainless Steel + Safety Lock】 Made of solid stainless steel material, the safety lock design...
Bestseller No. 3
JINJUNYE 15" 30 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator, Wine Fridge Digital Temperature Control, Under Counter, Built-in or Freestanding Compressor Wine Cellar for Red, White, Champagne, Sparkling Wine
  • ????30 BOTTLE LARGE CAPACITY: Wine cooler refrigerator can hold up to 30 bottles, bottom extra high...
  • ????POWERFUL COMPRESSOR: This mini wine fridge is equipped with a powerful compressor, can quickly...
  • ????TRIPLE GLASS & WOODEN SHELF: The small wine cooler has three layers of glass to block sunlight,...
  • ????360° AIR COOLED CIRCULATION FAN: The wine cooler cabinet is equipped with a fan, distributes...
  • ????ELEGANT DESIGN & SERVICES: The compact & stylish design makes under counter wine cellar fit...
Bestseller No. 4
WINEBOSS 24'' Wine Cooler Refrigerator, 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in Under Counter Freestanding Mini Cellars Fridge with Upgrade Compressor Tempered Glass Door Lock, Small Chiller Kitchen Home Bar
  • 【Stylish Seamless Stainless Steel Door】Special stainless steel frame made of one single piece of...
  • 【Dual Temp Zone】Upper zone ranges from 40-55°F, and lower zone is 55-65°F for your various...
  • 【Upgrade Compressor Protective Your Collection】Wineboss has upgraded compressor that has long...
  • 【46 Bottle High Value】It can hold up to 46 standard-size (Bordeaux 750 ml) wine bottles on its 6...
  • 【Built-in or Freestanding】Our wine fridge design with one touch digital control that easy to...
Bestseller No. 5
Frostronics 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator, 51 Bottles Under Counter Built-In or Freestanding Wine Cellar, Wine Cooler with Quiet Compressor Cooling and Reversible Glass Door, Fits Large Bottle
  • 〔Capacious Elegance, Perfect Storage〕Your Frostronics 24 inch wine refrigerator blends elegance...
  • 〔Dual Temperature Zones for One Perfect Pour〕Your Frostronics 24 inch dual zone wine cooler...
  • 〔Seamless Flexibility fused with Modern Sophistication〕Your Frostronics 24 inch under counter...
  • 〔Security meets Style〕Fortified with an impenetrable pre-installed lock, Your Frostronics 24...
  • 〔Customer Support〕We will offer you free and unlimited customer support from our expert team....