Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler Review

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Casual wine drinkers and professional wine tasters alike can absolutely benefit from investing in a wine cooler. It may seem like a luxury, but if you enjoy wine on a regular basis, a wine cooler could be a great addition to your home. Plus, most wine coolers can be used for other bottled beverages and spirits in addition to wine.

Wine coolers work to control the temperature of multiple bottles of wine to prevent spoilage and to improve the vintage qualities of aging wine. Not everyone can afford to build a whole wine cellar– wine coolers are a great modern alternative.

The issue with wine coolers is that they are often not very cheap, and it can be difficult to weigh the pros and cons of a wine cooler in terms of quality and value. We’re happy to help.

Today, we’ll be looking at Ivation’s 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler and evaluating its pros and cons. Let’s see if this thermoelectric wine cooler is ideal for your space.

Introduction To The Ivation 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

This 18-bottle wine cooler from Ivation is a great option for households that don’t need a particularly large cooler. Able to chill wine between 54 degrees and 64 degrees F, Ivation’s 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler is an excellent choice for lovers of both red and white wine. The customizable temperature gauge is also quite valuable for consumers who want to control the temperature of their vintage wines to a precise number.

Priced at around $169.99, this small unit is a great choice for wine aficionados on a budget. The Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler stands at approximately 25 inches by 20 inches by 13 inches.

So what makes this wine cooler different from others? To start, it uses thermoelectric technology that produces electricity through varying temperatures. This technology is excellent for refrigeration because it does not usually involve the use of a compressor– making this wine cooler virtually silent.

The Pros

  • Very minimal light when the door is shut.
  • Built-in thermoelectric cooling system.
  • Heavy CFC-free foam and Thermopane doors allow for optimum humidity.
  • Low vibrations.
  • Minimal noise.
  • Sleek and attractive design fits well with most home aesthetics.
  • Touch controls with LCD thermostat built-in.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Easy to fit into cabinets and small spaces.

The Cons

  • It only holds eighteen bottles, which may not be ideal for more advanced wine collectors.
  • The temperature range is limited in what you can physically control.
  • Some reviewers have noted that it does not maintain a consistent temperature within the unit, nor is the temperature control entirely accurate.
  • Does not offer dual temperature compartments– the entire unit can only be kept at one temperature.
  • Customer service is less than ideal.
  • Product literature and setup is difficult to understand.

Final Thoughts – Is the Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler Worth It?

If you are considering investing in the Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler, we’d have to recommend it. For the price, you simply won’t find a similar wine cooler of its quality and wine volume. While there are some issues with individual units not operating as well as possible, this could be the result of buying from third-party sellers. Be sure to purchase the Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler directly from Ivation to ensure that you’re getting a new and tested product.

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