Bodega 15” Wine Cooler for 31 Bottles Review

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Wine coolers are great tools for wine enthusiasts as well as anyone else who wants to chill their spirits to a certain degree.

While it may seem like wine coolers are far from a necessity, they do have real value for fans of wines and professional wine tasters. These types of coolers work to keep wine at their ideal temperature, resulting in a properly aged and fragrant bottle of wine. You’ll notice a pretty significant change between unconditioned wine and wine that has been in an under-counter wine cooler.

One great product to consider is the BODEGA 15” 31 Bottle Wine Cooler. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this wine cooler and what our final thoughts are on the product as a whole.

Intro to the Bodega 15” 31 Bottle Wine Cooler

The BODEGA 15” 31 Bottle Wine Cooler can hold up to 31 standard-sized wine bottles and boasts a slim build that can save a lot of space in your kitchen. This wine cooler can maintain temperatures between 41 and 68 degrees F to create the best possible environment for both red and white wine bottles. Currently, the BODEGA 15” 31 Bottle Wine Cooler costs around $549.99.

This wine cooler is technically a wine refrigerator and boasts a compressor cooling system, which can have its pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Slim build at only 15 inches wide.
  • Can hold up to 31 bottles.
  • Has excellent cooling capabilities with the assistance of an advanced compressor.
  • Utilizes a Smart Control panel for easy temperature control.
  • Can be freestanding or installed under a kitchen counter or bar.
  • Wooden shelves are aesthetically pleasing and have an elegant appearance.
  • Capable of storing larger champagne bottles and other spirits.
  • Attractive internal LED lighting.
  • Stainless steel door frame with crystal clear glass.
  • The unit is technically stackable, which could be useful for commercial bar use.
  • Powerful unit for the price.
  • Arrives in secure packaging when purchased directly from the manufacturer. (We do not recommend purchasing this unit from third-party sellers.)

The Cons

  • Because this cooler has a compressor, it may be louder than non-compressor wine coolers that use thermoelectric cooling systems. Some reviewers have noted that it is uncomfortably loud.
  • Less energy-efficient than a thermoelectric wine cooler.
  • Some reviewers have noted that their unit was dead on arrival, or only partially operated.
  • The compact nature of the internal compartment stacks the bottles very close to each other, so there is some displacement when pulling out shelves.

Final Thoughts: Is the Bodega 15” 31 Bottle Wine Cooler Worth It?

This depends on what you consider “worth it.” The BODEGA 15” 31 Bottle Wine Cooler has a very convenient slim build, but the shelving inside of it cuts it a little close, leading to bottle displacement when you pull out the shelves. The compressor function of this wine cooler makes it very easy to maintain the temperature of the wine inside, but it has been reported as very loud, which can be an issue for some consumers. However, there is a chance that the loud compressor could be the result of mishandling during shipping, as many reviewers online have reported that the BODEGA 15” 31 Bottle Wine Cooler is extremely quiet.

Overall, for the price, this is a very useful wine cooler that can fit quite a few bottles into it. It also looks great in both kitchen settings and behind bars.

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