Kalamera Single Zone 30 Bottle Wine Fridge Review

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Wine bottle refrigerators are just one of those things that seem out of reach or unnecessary for those of us who go for the buy one get one free bottle at our local supermarket. They’re the stuff of well-off folk who entertain and need fancy storage for there wine.

Well, we’re absolutely wrong!

The truth is, wine refrigerators are one of those things that become essential to our lives once we use them. You know, the kind of thing you try after years of avoiding it, only to be amazed and left wondering how you ever lived without it.

Here’s the thing about wine—of any caliber—it’s temperature-sensitive. Too warm and the wine will age too quickly and possibly spoil before being opened. Too cool and the wine won’t develop to maturity.

The best thing about them is that there’s a fridge out there for all budgets. That’s right, wine coolers are for everyone. (It’s the wine cellars that are for the fancy people!)

But, there’s one in particular that we want to talk about…

The Kalamera Single Zone 30 Bottle Wine Fridge

The Kalamera Single Zone 30 bottle wine fridge can stand alone or fit in-between cabinets just like a regular refrigerator. You can display in next your home bar or keep it in the dining room where guests gather so there’s always a bottle in reach.

If you love your wine, you’ll love the Kalamera Single Zone 30 bottle wine fridge as it encompasses a proficient single-zone system that keeps your wine at the perfect temperature.

It’s Big, But Not Too Big

This Kalamera wine refrigerator may be on the larger side but it’ll blend in seamlessly with the rest of your furnishings with its sleek black design, silver door trim, adjustable legs, and six beechwood racks. It also has low lighting that displays just enough of your wine collection to get noticed, but not steal the show.

It’s Got the Capacity For 30 Bottles

30 bottles may seem like a lot—unless you’re a serious wine lover whose friends and families also love wine! That kind of capacity is enough space to mix and match different sized bottles without having to worry about running out of room. Not to mention, those six beechwood racks are removable, so you can customize your layout.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to mention that a wine refrigerator of this caliber will most likely encourage others who see it to become inspired—and buy you more wine for your collection!

It’s as Simple as One Touch

The Kalamera Single Zone is equipped with an LED-control display with minimalist buttons. That means all it takes is the touch of a button to set the perfect temperature for your wines.

It’s also equipped with temperature memory technology which automatically restores the proper temperature after a power outage. That way you don’t have to worry about your wine collection going bad during a weather event or during vacation.

It’s Built For Elegance

A stainless steel frame, a double-layered and tempered glass door, plus excellent—and silent—ventilation. That means you get a frost-free glass, continuous stabilized temperature levels, and excellent circulation without any humming, fanning, whirring or drumming noises. 

What We Think

The only downside to this Kalamera wine fridge is namely, it’s size—which, is not a downside if you like to have a lot of wine in the house. We love that this wine fridge has a sleek design and can be left as a free-standing item or blend in with the cabinets (yes it can be under the counter too!). We also love the fact that it has a safety lock, so no one but you can access the wine.

If it fits your budget (and home), the Kalamera Single Zone 30 Bottle Wine Fridge is the best investment you’ll ever make!

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