Igloo 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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If your major concern is simply keeping anywhere between four bottles and 30 bottles of wine at the perfect temperature around the clock – every day of the year – without blowing up your bank account, the Igloo Wine Cooler is the wine refrigerator that you are going to want to look most closely into.

This unit is simple, straightforward, minimalist in nature and without all of the bells and whistles that some of the (often times much more) expensive options on the market today bring to the table. But it’s also a bit of a workhorse, will get the job done for you for sure, and is reliable enough to be counted on in a way that some of the other fancy units cannot be.

General Design

The Igloo Wine Cooler isn’t going to win any design awards anytime soon – at least not from anesthetics standpoint.

Very minimalist (with jet black components throughout), this wine refrigerator looks a little bit more like an oversized desktop computer more than anything else. It’s built for function first and foremost before anything else, and while it isn’t going to ever detract from the aesthetics of a room that it has been placed into it isn’t going to look at all out of place in a pantry or tucked away in a closet somewhere, either.


There are multiple different capacities available for this cooler, ranging from a four bottles capacity all the way up to a 30 bottles capacity. This gives you plenty of flexibility to find the perfect refrigerator for your specific wine collection but it also lets you hit that sweet spot between price, performance, and capacity that a lot of other options aren’t going to give you.

Even the largest of these wine refrigerators isn’t going to set you back all that much, which gives you an opportunity to invest in a larger wine refrigerator to “future proof” your investment a little bit.

Rack Design

Like pretty much everything else about this wine refrigerator, the rack design of the Igloo Wine Cooler is simple, straightforward, and no-frills.

The rack unit itself is made out of high-strength aluminum, the configuration is designed to make storage and retrieval relatively simple and as effortless as can be, but you aren’t going to find any specialty sliding shelves, any “hidden pockets”, or any other frills with this unit either.

This is a very much “what you see is what you get” kind of unit – and for a lot of people that is picture-perfect!

Temperature Control

Temperature control is where the wine cooler really starts to shine.

Because it is all a single unit, and because it is so not frills and so minimalist it doesn’t take a whole lot to keep your wine collection at the exact temperature that you are hoping for. You’ll have the opportunity to “set it and forget it” when it comes to the temperature control of this unit, and because of the high quality components and the quality seal of the system you won’t have to worry about any temperature leakage or extra energy consumption, either.


Noise will never be a problem when you choose to go in this direction. It uses an advanced cooling system that isn’t going to produce any noise outside of a slight fan whirring every now and again – but even that is almost inaudible 99.9% of the time when it is running.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is rather low for a wine refrigerator like this, but again that all goes back to the very functional and minimalist is that the engineers talk when they created the Igloo Wine Cooler. You don’t have to worry about blowing up your bank account with this particular unit, that’s for sure.

Closing Thoughts

Simple, straightforward, and about is easy to use as it gets, there’s a lot to really appreciate when you’re thinking about getting your hands on one of the Igloo Wine Cooler units. It’s price tag doesn’t hurt, either!

Igloo 28-Bottle Wine Cooler
  • Igloo wine cooler has soft interior lighting with on/off switch
  • Adjustable mechanical temperature control / See-through glass door
  • High-efficiency heat pipe system / Flush back design / Environmentally friendly
  • Dimensions: 20"L x 17"W x 28"H / No vibration / Adjustable leveling feet
  • No compressor, low noise / Auto defrost / 28-bottle capacity