Manufacturers of some of the most highly regarded wine cooler options on the market today, the folks at EdgeStar take advantage of advanced thermal control modules and efficient cooling technology to keep your wine at the perfect temperature – regardless of the temperature that you program into the module.

Most of these coolers make the most of front facing, fan forced ventilation systems that keep them quiet and energy-efficient as well. Designed to match any interior decor or design aesthetic imaginable, with a high-end and polished finish that people will instantly recognize as premium, you won’t ever feel like you have to hide your EdgeStar coolers away in a closet somewhere.

EdgeStar really makes the most of dual zone temperature control configurations. Because the internal cabinets are individually insulated you can set any temperature between 36°F and 72°F in either of the modules and not have that temperature “leak” into the other side. This allows you to perfectly maintain your entire wine collection with zero headache or hassle whatsoever.

Each and every one of the EdgeStar options manufactured today are fully compliant with ADA design principles. That makes these wine coolers some of the most accessible in the industry, giving you the ability to enjoy your wine collection regardless of any particular physical limitations you may be contending with.

The safety lock sensor technology that EdgeStar has really pioneered has been leveraged by a number of other manufacturers in the wine cooler space, and for good reason. The integrated safety lock technology guarantees that you don’t have to worry about inadvertent or intentional tampering with either your temperature regulator or your thermostat.

Finally, you’re going to appreciate the fact that EdgeStar continues to offer world-class support on every single one of the wine cooler options they produce.

Each wine cooler offered by this company comes complete with a full 12 month/12 month guarantee that provides you total protection against any manufacturer defect, inadvertent damage, or breakdown of the system for any reason whatsoever. You get 12 months of protection for labor and 12 months of protection for parts, really putting your mind at ease when you invest in a wine cooler of this caliber.

All things considered, it’s easy to see why EdgeStar coolers are held in such high esteem throughout the wine collecting industry. If you’re looking to keep your collection perfectly maintained at a precise temperature – indefinitely, and that – it doesn’t get much better than EdgeStar wine coolers.