Vinotemp VT-15TS 15-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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Before diving into the review of the Vinotemp VT-15TS 15-Bottle Touchscreen, let’s discuss the benefits of wine coolers in general.

When temperatures rise too high, it’ll age wine too quickly. Conversely, when a bottle’s temperature sinks too low, it’ll prevent the wine from developing complex flavors and enchanting aromas.  

These appliances suit the needs of all manners of wine drinkers. For the budget-conscious connoisseur, wine coolers provide a cost-efficient option to store bottles. Alternatively, ardent collectors who already have a cellar can store a few of their favorite vintages that they plan on tasting soon.

Introduction To The Vinotemp 15 Bottle Wine Cooler

Are you a fanatic wine drinker wishing to maximize the many flavors and aromas of your small, yet impressive collection of bottles? Then, you’ll appreciate the ingenuity of the Vinotemp VT-15TS 15-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler.

An Elegant Piece of Décor

Not only will this cooler provide optimal maintenance, but it also adds aesthetic appeal to any home décor. With a keenly designed black cabinet and door trim, dual-paned reversible glass door (with a magnetic seal), and recessed handle, the Vinotemp VT-15TS cooler will become your most prized piece of furniture.

Showing Off Your Favorite Bottles

Of course, one of the most cherished rituals involved in serving/tasting wine is unveiling an elegant bottle to your guests. The Vinotemp VT-15TS illuminates your featured bottles, adding that trademark bit of showmanship to the wine-drinking experience.

State-of-the-art Temperature Maintenance

This nifty cooler also has a magnetic seal that maintains the optimal interior temperature. As such, the compressor uses minimal energy – meaning the cooler generates little noise.

Furthermore, the Vinotemp VT-15TS cooler boasts a diverse range of temperatures – it can be set between 39-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it can store a multitude of wines with the utmost efficiency.

Flexible Storage Space

As its name suggests, the Vinotemp VT-15TS cools up to 15 bottles at a time and comes equipped with wire racking above a small bulk storage space. Plus, the Vinotemp stores bottles both vertically and horizontally.

And unlike many other models, you can adjust the metal shelves to fit larger bottles.

A Few Extra Features

The Vinotemp VT-15TS cooler also comes with adjustable feet for leveling, a control panel safety lock, and a varietal indicator.

Note that this cooler is both rear-vented and meant strictly for freestanding installation. So, it isn’t designed for built-in applications.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly touch screen control panel
  • Convenient digital temperature display
  • Sleek design fits in with most design motifs
  • Has a glass door with magnetic seal and recessed handle
  • Removable wire racking on top of small bulk storage space provides flexible storage options  
  • Highly secured control panel safety lock keeps bottles untouched by unwanted hands (e.g., children)
  • Feet are adjustable for leveling
  • Interior lighting illuminates and highlights bottles
  • Varietal indicator


  • Since model is freestanding only and has a rear vent, it can’t be backed against a wall or installed in a cabinet space
  • The compressor might cause a little bit more noise than quieter thermoelectric systems

The Verdict

It’s quite apparent that the pros vastly outweigh the cons with the Vinotemp VT-15TS 15-bottle wine cooler.

While it’s incorrect to suggest the cooler is a ‘cheap’ purchase, the few hundred dollars it costs is a much more affordable alternative to a cellar. Also, if you do drink a lot of wine, why not spend a little bit extra to get the most out of your favorite bottles?

We feel safe saying the Vinotemp 15-bottle cooler is one of the best on the market. If it fits your budget, you should strongly consider adding this cooler to your home.  

Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler, Black
  • Touch screen control panel with safety lock function to prevent unwanted temperature changes in the...
  • Temperature range of 39-65-degrees fahrenheit
  • Dual-paned glass door with magnetic seal maintains interior cooler temperature
  • Storage features include slide out metal shelves and bulk storage space
  • For freestanding installation only