NewAir is a relative newcomer in the wine cooler space, having only been established just 15 short years ago – in a garage, no less.

The founder of the company, Mr. Luke Peters, started off this business fooling around with portable air conditioners and evaporative coolers. He would rebuild refurbish, and repair options from all different kinds of manufacturers until he eventually started producing his own line of products that improved upon the shortcomings of the options he saw on the market back then.

Eventually, Mr. Peters decided to produce a wine cooling refrigerator for his own collection. Unhappy with most of the products that existed on the market almost 2 decades ago, he drew up his own plans to produce something that he would trust his own wine collection to – and the NewAir wine cooler product lineup was born.

Today, NewAir has grown to become one of the most influential companies in this product space. With dozens and dozens of different products across a wide variety of niches, the wine coolers produced by NewAir are regarded as some of the most efficient, some of the most trustworthy, and some of the most long-lasting solutions money can buy.

Make no mistake about it, you’ll definitely pay a little bit of a premium to take advantage of all the research, all the engineering, and all of the space-age design principles that went into producing the conveniences and advantages NewAir wine coolers offer over the competition.

These are not the bare-bones budget priced wine coolers that are little more than a miniature refrigerator on steroids, but are instead fully realized wine cooling components that have been designed for one thing and one thing only – to maintain your entire wine collection at the temperature you set, without any headache, without any hassle, and without any unnecessary energy expenses.

Offering a full range of products in the NewAir wine cooler space, from small collections that can maintain a dozen bottles or so to options that can effortlessly maintain 48 bottles or more across two different temperature zones, you’ll be able to find the perfect NewAir wine cooler for your specific needs with no difficulty at all.

The longevity of these appliances offer is only possible thanks to the quality of craftsmanship and construction materials that go into each and every option. You won’t ever feel like you got any less than your money’s worth with a NewAir wine cooler.