Avanti Wine Cooler Reviews

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Avanti, also known as Avanti Products, is a consumer appliance brand. It has been in business for almost five decades. The company specializes in different types of refrigerators, chest and upright freezers, wine coolers or chillers, beverage coolers, electric and gas ranges, microwave ovens, water dispensers, mini kitchens and laundry products among others. The brand has more than seven thousand retail partners across the Americas, including North, South and Central. Avanti Products is one of the leading suppliers to the office and hospitality industries in the region. The company has its captive engineering and testing departments ensuring impeccable quality control.

Avanti is one of the more popular brands of refrigerators, freezers and coolers among hotels and motels. It is found in dorms, offices and homes across the United States, Canada, Mexico and many other countries in the region. The range of Avanti wine coolers is quite diverse. There are Avanti wine coolers that can house twelve bottles of wine. There are massive wine coolers that can accommodate as many as a hundred and sixty bottles of wine. There is a vast network of service stations that would honor the warranty on Avanti Wine Coolers.

Avanti wine coolers can be single zone or dual zone. These are mostly dedicated wine coolers. The designs, overall sizes and shapes, the different racks or compartments are all conceived bearing in mind the needs of wine bottles. You could have beverages stocked up in these wine coolers but they are really ideal for the reds, whites, roses, dries and brut among others. Avanti makes various types of wine coolers. It is not the most expensive brand of wine coolers right now but it is not the most inexpensive either. Only a few wine coolers of the brand can be truly described as cheap or affordable. Others are moderately priced. One cannot really classify any of the Avanti wine coolers as exorbitantly expensive.

It is imperative for anyone to explore Avanti wine cooler reviews before choosing a particular model. There are plenty of variants in each class so information is the key to make a wise decision. Compare the likes of Avanti 12 Bottle Countertop with Avanti 166 Bottle Freestanding, Avanti Side By Side Wine and Beverage Cooler with Avanti 50 Bottle or 149 Bottle depending on your needs. There are distinct features, from displays to the lighting whether they can be free-standing or under the counter.  So you should take a holistic view of all the specs while considering Avanti wine cooler reviews.


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Bestseller No. 1
Avanti WC34N2P Wine Cooler Freestanding Single Zone with Temperature Control Holds Up to 34 Bottles, Stainless Steel Construction with Glass Door, Black
  • 34 BOTTLE STORAGE: Store up to 34 bottles of your favorite wine.Frequency : 60 hertz
  • TEMPERATURE RELIABILITY: Avanti's wine coolers’ compressor technology ensures temperature is not...
  • EASY-TO-USE TOUCH CONTROLS: Easily adjust the temperature and turn on the light by touching the soft...
  • INTERIOR LIGHTING: Turn on the energy-efficient LED light to illuminate your collection. Say goodbye...
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN: Easily view your wines through the glass door and remove the bottle seamlessly with...