Best Wine Fridge For Aging Cheese

Did you know that you can use a wine cooler to age cheese? Neither did I, until now! Take a look at this article on aging cheese – it mentioned using a fridge but since it is too cold, a wine cooler may be a better option:

You can use your existing refrigerator, but unfortunately it is 10 – 15 degrees cooler then a cave and it has a tendency to suck the moisture out of anything that is unprotected.

To protect the cheese, place it in the warmest part of the refrigerator. To keep it from drying out, you will need an airtight container. The size of the container should be much larger than the cheese – 40% cheese and 60% empty space (air). You can control the humidity of the air inside the container by using a wet paper towel, crumpled up in a ball and placed in a corner of the container. Read more at…

However, I believe that humidity can be an issue as well so to be honest, I would probably keep the wine cooler for the wine and get a cheese cave to do cheese properly.

I Love This Wine Cooler Design

Wow! Now this is some amazing (and a lot of) storage for your wine! This is something that i would love to do in my own house but I know that I would never have such a large collection. Fun to dream though! Take a look!

Take A Look At These Awesome Wine Cooler Installations

I was browsing pinterest this afternoon and came across some excellent ideas for adding your wine fridge to your own kitchen. I have to admit though, some of these are very extreme! If you are looking for a wine cooler, just look here at

1. Awesome glass design:

2. Almost looks like a stand alone cabinet:

3. Cool little thin design:

5. Neat way to make use of what may have been wasted space: