Vintage local wine writing pulled
from the Local Winos cellar

Local Winos’ completely arbitrary 100-point rating system

Picking a wine from the shelf at the mega liquor store can be daunting. With labels featuring hard-to-decipher French phrases and cuddly koala bears, it’s really difficult to figure out which wine’s going to be worthwhile or go best with the scallops you are cooking that night.

That’s what scares many from enjoying a glass: Fear of the unknown.

We want to help readers feel more comfortable with the wine-buying and drinking process. Part of that will come through reviews of local wines. You’ll see a number next to each bottle we taste. Like the number next to a Wine Spectator review, it means everything and nothing at the same time. If you see an 100-point wine (the tops you’ll find here), that won’t mean anything unless you have an idea of what our palate’s deem so worthy. It’s the same with esteemed critics such as Robert Parker. You can bet his 98-point wine is fantastic, but you may like an 85-pointer better because you favor fruity, less tannic wines (or whatever the case may be).

So use our numbers as guidelines. Get comfortable with the various reviewers who will be on the site. See if your tastebuds match. Or not.

Local Wino’s completely arbitrary 100-point wine review rating system:

95+: The best version of that varietal or style you’ll find. Buy a case or three.

100 | 99 | 98 | 97 | 96 | 95

86-94: A very good offering of the style. Buy these wines without reservation.

94 | 93 | 92 | 91 | 90 | 89 | 88 | 87 | 86

78-85: Solid representation of the grape or variety.

85 | 84 | 83 | 82 | 81 | 80 | 79 | 78

70-77: Tipping the scales of balance. Still a drinkable wine, but could be heavy in tannins, oak, sugar or other flavors for that particular style.

77 | 76 | 75 | 74 | 73 | 72 | 71 | 70

NR: Local Winos does not rate some wines at its discretion or if it scores below a 70.


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