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Caduceus Cellars 2010 Nagual De La Paciencia

It’s been a long time since I’ve dusted off a Tool CD. In fact, so long that I couldn’t even find it. Damn near impossible to find online, too. So today I downloaded Puscifer to my library. Why? I needed to listen to some Maynard James Keenan music while drinking his wine.

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Talking Virginia wine with blogger Frank Morgan

When trying to explain to people just why we think local wine industries are poised to explode with growth, Virginia is usually a good example to point toward. First, there’s respectable juice being made in several areas of the state. More importantly, however, there are a host of guys and gals like Frank Morgan. Frank Morgan spends [...]

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How Maynard James Keenan made every small wine-producing state jealous

Arizona is one lucky state. Never thought you’d hear those words, huh? With its reputation for triple-digit temps and suburban sprawl, many just raise a brow in its general direction. But it has what most wine regions from The Other 46 would love: Star power.

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A proper Club Wino sendoff

When we decided to let chef Raul Salazar have a field day by, gasp, picking the menu before we selected the Colorado wines to serve, we figured it’d be a fun way to finish off the monthly event for the year. Little did we know it was to become a swan song. Turns out, Salazar [...]

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12/3-4: Alfred Eames Cellars Holiday Season Barrel Tasting

We’re always a sucker for a good barrel tasting. It’s made even more unique when it happens at a winery not normally open to the public. For the fifth consecutive year, Alfred Eames Cellars, high up in the hills of Paonia, opens its doors and barrels to everyone who can make it. Plenty of wines [...]

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