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Colorado reigns supreme; apologies to our beloved Texas and New Mexico winemakers

Colorado can now brag its supremacy over the winemaking regions of Texas and New Mexico (and Sonoma and Provence). How’s that, you say? Well, to help celebrate this weekend’s DrinkLocalWine 2012 conference in Denver, we hosted a little shindig at the Bonacquisti Wine Co. aimed to settle a long waging debate. Who makes better wine? [...]

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It’s on: The Wild West Wine Shootout pits Colorado, New Mexico and Texas wines against each other

What do Colorado, New Mexico and Texas have in common? Not much, other than the fact that all three states are west of the Mississippi and produce a variety of traditional wines. Since there’s plenty of pride in each respective local wine region, we figured it was best to anoint one the king of emerging regions of [...]

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Richard Betts is just drinking mezcal and dreaming up his next great wine idea

What does one of the top wine experts in North America do when he’s taking a year off from the business? Drink mezcal. Lots and lots of mezcal.

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Five resolutions for wineries from The Other 46

The year starts with so much promise as just about everyone on the planet makes a list of goals for the coming year. There are a few resolutions that wineries in small U.S. growing regions could all stand to follow. Here are the five we think winemakers in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and anywhere else [...]

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