Vintage local wine writing pulled
from the Local Winos cellar

Articles By: Jacob Harkins

Caduceus Cellars 2010 Nagual De La Paciencia

It’s been a long time since I’ve dusted off a Tool CD. In fact, so long that I couldn’t even find it. Damn near impossible to find online, too. So today I downloaded Puscifer to my library. Why? I needed to listen to some Maynard James Keenan music while drinking his wine.

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Eat your heart at Beaujolais nouveau

Beaujolais nouveau will be released on Thursday. The iconic French red from this season’s harvest is a hit the minute it hits shelves. Matt Cookson likes to one up the Burgundy region, releasing the annual Wild Cañon Harvest blush rosé one full day ahead of Beaujolais.

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Carlson Vineyards 2000 Riesling

What a treat. Seriously. This Carlson Vineyards 2000 Riesling has held up beautifully over the last dozen years and even impresses a tad more than the Carlson Riesling from 2003 that won “best in the world” bragging rights.

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Proof that vintage Colorado wine exists

In the late 1980s, Max Ariza had that wine moment that all of us cork dorks long for: He tasted the most remarkable wine of his drinking days. It was a 1949 Domaine Bonneau du Martray Corton Charlemagne Chardonnay, a Grand Cru Burgundy that at the time was nearly 40 years old.

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The cure for drinking outside: govino ‘glass’ ware

Here in Colorado, home to LWM headquarters, summer means parties in the park, parties in the woods and parties just about everywhere but inside. For a complete wino, this has always meant either bringing expensive glassware outside to get broken or suffer through drinking out of a cheap plastic cup of some kind.

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