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The cure for drinking outside: govino ‘glass’ ware

govino wine glass

govino wine glasses, a perfect excuse to drink wine outside.

By Jacob Harkins | Local Winos Magazine editor

Here in Colorado, home to LWM headquarters, summer means parties in the park, parties in the woods and parties just about everywhere but inside. For a complete wino, this has always meant either bringing expensive glassware outside to get broken or suffer through drinking out of a cheap plastic cup of some kind.

Well, not anymore.

govino just be the best new addition to the wine paraphernalia category in recent years. These plastic wine glasses are basically steemless Riedels that you can drop. The lip on these glasses is super thin and the red-wine oriented glasses showcase wine in an almost glass-like way, with beautiful aromas wafting out on the nose and the flavors coming to the right part on the actual palate.

They even come complete with a handy thumb imprint so you don’t drop your wine.

Handwash these, and, as the package suggests, recycle them when you’ve abused them for a summer.

Details: $12.95 for four (Champagne flutes, decanters and cocktail versions available too).




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