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It’s on: The Wild West Wine Shootout pits Colorado, New Mexico and Texas wines against each other

What do Colorado, New Mexico and Texas have in common? Not much, other than the fact that all three states are west of the Mississippi and produce a variety of traditional wines.

Since there’s plenty of pride in each respective local wine region, we figured it was best to anoint one the king of emerging regions of the west the only way we know how: Hosting an old-fashioned blind tasting. And with the conference coming to Denver on April 25, home of Local Winos Mag HQ, it was time to settle the score and hand out some serious bragging rights.

The tasting will include three flights: dry rosé, Viognier and Syrah. These three styles all have a strong track record in each of the three states. The judges will include writers, somms and industry experts.

Participating wineries include (will be updated as more sign on):


  • Bonacquisti Wine Co. (rosé)
  • Boulder Creek Winery (rosé)
  • Creekside Cellars (Syrah)
  • Grande River Vineyards (Viognier)
  • Ruby Trust Cellars (Syrah)

New Mexico

  • Black Mesa Winery (Syrah)
  • Vivac Winery (Syrah)


  • Becker Vineyards (Syrah)
  • Brennan Vineyards (Syrah)
  • Grape Creek Vineyard (Viognier)
  • McPherson Cellars (rosé)

Cheer on your state: 

With the conference coming to town April 28, we’ll be hosting a battle royale of local wine regions. $10 (includes a glass of Bonacquisti Wine and snacks). 7 p.m. April 25 at Bonacquisti Wine Co., 4640 Pecos St., Denver.

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